Seven Signatures


Experience Design
Responsive Web Design


Role: UX/UI Designer
Developer: Stephen Kean
Agency: B3 Communications

Seven Signatures is known in Hawaii as one of the top real estate sales agencies for high-end condos and villas. We designed and executed a robust responsive web experience that would help better facilitate their clients find the perfect home. Absent in their former website, the client requested that the project has three different search functions for listings; Property Search, Condo Search, and Building Availability Grids.  

I was responsible for designing the web experience, from UX to visuals while closely collaborating with our web developer. The biggest challenge was integrating all three different search functions without causing confusion to the end-user. We were able to work our way around this problem by creating distinct visual cues that allow the user to instantly know what search function they are currently using. Through a lot of trial and error, were able to deliver a product to the client that helps them better serve their clients.