Grand Health is a family owned vitamin company, that since 1997 pride themselves in creating a high-quality product at an affordable price. They hired Arithmetic Creative to rebrand and create a new visual system that would convey the quality and approachability of their product. A new logo system, brand colour palette, iconography system, colour coding system, illustrative patterns and packaging were all designed. The goal of the rebrand was to ease the intimidating factor of purchasing vitamins by creating a brand that is a warm and inviting health solution for the everyday consumer. 

Aside from aiding in production, my role in this project was to help brainstorm, create and set the illustration style that would allow for each pattern to stand alone while still act cohesively as a family when sitting on store shelves. Every individual product possesses its own pattern that illustrated it's source and/or health benefits.

Creative Direction: Margherita Porra
Studio: Arithmetic Creative

Recognition: GDUSA Health & Wellness 2015