Brand Consulting
Identity Creation

ACTS is a well established charity that focuses on providing clean drinking water to rural villages in Uganda, using gravitational water systems. Through their 22 years of active involvement, they have been able to provide water to 150,000 rural Ugandans. They approached myself as a part of the Railyard Lab intern team to do a lite rebrand of their outdated logo. They requested that the rebrand appeal to a younger audience while still resonating with the established donors.

In order to refresh their brand we wanted to pay homage to their former logo. One dominant feature of the original mark was the water droplet formed from the negative space in-between the cupped hands. Using that as a foundation, we then developed the logo to be more contemporary. There are several different components that create the logo: an ‘A’ which represents both upward movement and the charity’s name; the water ripples and their colours that form the bottom half of the droplet serve to represent momentum and effecting change; and a customized typeface to complement the mark.

Role: Designer
Design Direction: Pat Smith
Agency: Dossier Creative

  Alternative Logo